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    Miss Hellbreaker


    Be Free to Be You!


    Let everything go what is limiting you!


    Start trusting yourself and the universe more!


    It starts with taking one step at a time.


    Are you ready to take your power back and feel energized again?

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    Energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

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  • Our new course


    Join "Turn Your Pain into Power", a life-changing 3-week online course that guides you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.


    Feel very welcome!

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    Energetic Ankh Healing

    1-1,5 hour

    88 euro (or donation)


    Ankh healings are a powerful and effective way to release emotional blockages, family karma, entities, curses, and traumas from this life and previous lives. These healings have been used by priests and priestesses in ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemurian times and are just as powerful today.


    With an Ankh healing you let go of a lot of baggage that you were walking around with, sometimes for many lifetimes without even knowing it.


    After a healing session, individuals often experience a boost in energy levels and feel much lighter. They often also have more clarity about their path and become more aware of the emotions they tend to absorb excessively. I also give direct guidance in overcoming certain challenges.


    An Ankh healing can be done in person or online, and energy flows where attention goes.I already gave numerous online healings and they are just as powerful.


    For the ultimate healing experience consider the package of 3 Ankh healings. This package will help you to let go of trauma and emotions from the womb of your mother until birth, your birth, from birth until now and from many past lives.

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    Holding space,

    Spiritual advice


    Inspirational speaking events


    88 euro (or donation)


    You can contact me:


    • If you are on a place in your journey and don't know the next move. 
    • If you want to change something in your life and need help with that (for instance addictions, detox and weight loss).
    • If you need someone to talk to with an open mind.
    • If you need someone to hold space for you when you go through something and you want to share and feel your emotions.
    • If you need any spiritual advice.
    • If you are organising a talk/conference/mee-ting/healing gathering and you want to ask me for an (online) inspirational talk.

     These talks can help you and others gain a new perspective and find the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.  



    Look forward to a message from you!

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    Become an Ankh healer yourself with my Online Ankh healing course


    € 1.111,00


    Embark on this transformative journey and become a vessel of healing and light through the ancient wisdom of the Ankh.


    For individuals who:

    • Feel a deep connection to the Ankh and its powerful energy.
    • Have a passion for giving healings or are already actively involved in healing practices.
    • who are eager to expand their service to the light and humanity.
    • are ready to bring their healing journey even deeper.

    This is an opportunity to learn how to give powerful transformational Ankh healings on yourself and others in just six weeks.


    As an added bonus, when you enroll in the course, you will receive your very own Ankh that resonates with the energy of your birthdate.


    If you are interested in joining the next course that starts in the beginning of 2024, please contact me.


    If you enroll before 15 October 2023 you receive

    a discount of 111,00 Euro.



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    Online frequency healings with the Healy


    € 33,00 for 30 minutes


    Next to Ankhealings, I also give healings with the Healy, a revolutionary healing device.


    I will share with you some programs that make remarable accurate diagnoses and that send harmonizing frequencies from a distance through the quantum field.


    I already shared different programs with lots of people and the ones that were really not feeling well, felt much better after.


    Contact me if you are interested in a healing with the Healy.


    You can also contact me if you are interested in buying one.


    This is an awesome tool for healing yourself and others. And it is beneficial for any healer or coach.


    The programs can support memory, concentration, stress reduction, problem-solving, creativity, and overall wellbeing.


    Here is the link if you want to buy one as well:






    The Healy is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease or medical condition.

    Healy and its applications are not acknowledged by orthodox medicine.





    Individual Light Language transmis-



    € 22,00 


    During my Ankh healings, I have Light Language coming through, which is a channeled multidimensional language that brings sound and energy from spirit into the physical.


    Light Language is a powerful tool used in various healing practices to facilitate energetic shifts and promote well-being. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to your soul and DNA, and it can be used for healing and personal evolution.


    I want to give you the opportunity to receive a personalized transmission.


    If you are interested, send me a photo of you and the intention/focus you want to receive and I will send you a personalized Light Language transmission.


    Receive this language with your heart and soul and feel the transformation it brings.


    Any imbalance in your body, mind, and spirit can be perceived as a lower vibrational state, and Light Language can help bring you back to a state of abundance and well-being.









  • References of my healings

    I can firstly say pure bliss was the ultimate feeling I felt immediately after the Ankh healing provided by Janneke
    During the healing I felt so much relief and release of old energies and old thought patterns.
    I gained valuable insights into past trauma and how it was stuck in my body.
    Janneke was so gentle and professional throughout, she holds space very well and is naturally gifted in the art of healing.
    I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone, it was life changing for me.
    Thank you so so much.
    Gav W.


    When I met Janneke the first time I was full of rage and fears, about myself, my future and life in general. I remembered that talking to her was already curing me. Having the chance to share with her is something miraculous. She is a divine creature who transmits peace, love and good vibes. You feel wellness only when looking at her eyes. After her healing treatment, I felt so relieved and relaxed, like a new me was born. I made various healings with her and it was always great. I understood myself better, I could look at things from a different perspective, difficult relationships got solved. If you carefully listen to her message, you will discover a new dimension which will bring you to a higher status of love, consciousness, compassion. I feel privileged to have the chance to know her and be treated by her.

    Delia P.

    The following references were publicly posted on my Facebook (feel free to check those):

    This woman has helped me personally in so many ways. Removing some darkness, clearing and insights to unresolved childhood trauma, unblocking dormant energy, the list goes on. She knew things about me that I didn't even know. Her healing gifts are so powerful and magical. Thank you for everything you do. I am forever grateful for you.
    Jason G.

    To anyone who is reading this, and who is open to receive healing ...... I can tell you from experience that Janneke is truly gifted. The healing I received has been deeply profound.
    I am a Reiki Healer myself, and so I know about healing!
    Miss Hellbreaker is the real thing , and the most lovely person you could ever wish to meet
    I can not recommend her more highly.

    Tricia W.

    You are amazing Janneke! Highly recommend working with you. I felt transformed after our session.
    Tara J.

    I had a powerful Ankh healing with Janneke last year, clearing a major block + unconscious memory from childhood. She is a gifted healer and the most wonderful person bringing so much light into the world.
    Dee M.

    You are a healing master! I experienced your Ankh healing and it was a big shift.
    Antonio M.

    This beautiful soul helped me tremendously during my transition/shift these last 2 years and a half. All past life emotions that were creating blockages in my body/chakra's have been released. So grateful to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Doriana V.

    Totally recommend a healing session with the Ankh in the hands and heart of this angelic being. Amazing therapist. I always feel an energy alignment, more flow, more understanding, relaxation and more space to breath inside after a healing session.


    My friend Janneke Hellebrekers offers the most powerful Ankh healings!

    If you feel called to clear some energies in your body and energy fields and get more life-force moving through, contact her.

    It is truly life-changing!

    Madalena M.


    I come from a long-term relationship with 2 children and felt heavy and unwieldy because of everything that has happened. Did an Ankh healing with Janneke. She explained to me what the intention was and we got to work. When she started, I could already notice that energy channels were being released in my body. This in itself felt liberating. The first day after the healing, memories quickly surfaced, which I looked at and immediately passed on to the universe. The second day I suddenly felt so much lighter and I felt already better in my skin. The acceptance was there. The anger and sadness seemed like snow in the sun…it all disappeared. Now I am 4 days further, and I sleep better, I am no longer in my head so much and I can put things better into perspective. In short, my energy is higher, lighter and so much more positive. This can only get better in my opinion. Anyone interested in a healing with this sweetheart, I can recommend it, it will liberate your inner world and make it better! I'm glad I embraced it. Thank you so much for your kind intentions!!

    Lots of love Amii Timmermans


    I would just like to say THANK YOU so very much for the healing today. It was absolutely fantastic and I am so impressed with the technique. The things that came up I resonated with 100% and it made so much sense to me on my healing journey. You are a very gifted healer and I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you again. See you soon.

    Andrea Haley


    Check out an interview about my Ankh healings and courses on Youtube:


  • My journey to myself

    How I woke up and started to take my power back

    My name is Janneke Hellebrekers and I am from Holland and I am living currently in the South of Spain.

    My real surname is in English: Hellbreaker. I truly feel that I came out of hell and that I am now living in paradise. I grew up in a place called Heel, in dialect it was called Hael, it is prenounced as hell. It felt to me like hell growing up, but only after my thirties it became a place to heal and come back to.


    I left Heel in my twenties for the big city and started to search myself. First I searched in the outer world and I lost myself in booze, parties, festivals and men. I felt strong in my job in helping people at the Social Service and on sportsfields but with my family and in relationships I did not feel powerful. I did mostly what my family, my partner, my bosses and society expected from me. At one point I was smoking and drinking a lot and my weight reached almost 100 kilos.


    And then I got a burnout from work when I was 29 years old and for the first time in my life I could not stop my thoughts anymore because of stress and anxiety and i had to go within. With yoga and meditation I felt for the first time my own energy and the whispers of my heart and soul and it was a true liberation for me. From then I knew I did not needed anything anymore from the outside world to feel a certain way. I started to listen to my heart and where it would take me. I dived into a lot of spiritual information, books, workshops, healings, retreats and courses. Over the years I did a Kundalini Yoga teacher training, Ankh Healing courses, a massage course, Tantra courses and a channeling course. At one point I quit my job and house, let all my belongings go and I went to travel to South America. I found myself there by sharing my gifts with the people and having several profound psychedelic experiences. I was giving Yoga, meditation, massages, workshops, dances and Ankh Healings and the people were loving them and me. For the first time I felt seen, heard and loved not only because of what I was sharing, but also, because of what I am, my being. I found there so much love within myself and everybody that I wanted to share that with the people I loved most and i came back to Europe. Being back in Holland I felt at home within and I was at peace with were I came from. After that I went to Portugal, where I lived in several off-grid paradises. My last community where I lived turned into a cult, that I had to escape from. Recently life brought me to the South of Spain where I live with my beloved partner, that I met in the cult.


    l feel empowered and free in all aspects of my life and loving myself more and more each day and l would love to assist you in finding your power back!



  • Get in contact with me

    I am living near Malaga in Spain, but mostly do my healings online with clients all over the world.


    Feel very welcome!


    You can contact me on Whatsapp, E-mail or the contact form.


    00351925252940 (message me on Whatsapp) or send me a PM on my Facebook.