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    Miss Hellbreaker

    When you don't have energy to do what you want to do


    When you don't know what direction your life will go.


    When you keep procrastinating; saying I will start tomorrow, but you never do.


    When you are not fully happy at your job and you feel that you are not living your purpose.


    When you want to travel the world, but you don't know where to start.


    When you don't share your truth, because you are afraid to hurt people's feelings.


    If one or more things resonate with you I totally get you and I have felt all of these things too.


    I help you to transform these things and have more energy to:


    Be Free and Be You!


    Let everything go what is limiting you!


    Start trusting yourself and the universe more!


    Take your power back and feel energized to do what you want to do!

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    Join "Turn Your Pain into Power", a life-changing 3-week online course that guides you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.


    Check the contact page to contact me.

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    Energetic Ankh Healing

    € 111  1-1,5 hour

    Ankh healings are a powerful and effective way to release emotional blockages, family karma, entities, curses, and traumas from this life and previous lives. These healings have been used by priests and priestesses in ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemurian times and are just as powerful today.

    With an Ankh healing you let go of a lot of baggage that you were walking around with, sometimes for many lifetimes without even knowing it.

    After a healing session, people often experience a boost in energy levels and feel much lighter. They often also have more clarity about their path and become more aware of the emotions they tend to absorb excessively. I also give direct guidance in overcoming certain challenges.

    An Ankh healing can be done in person or online, and energy flows where attention goes.I already gave numerous online healings and they are just as powerful.

    For the ultimate healing experience consider the package of 3 Ankh healings. This package will help you to let go of trauma and emotions from the womb of your mother until birth, your birth, from birth until now and from many past lives.

    Book now an Ankhhealing here:


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    Long term mentorship


    € 2.222 for 6 weeks


    You can contact me:


    • If you want to let go of what is not you anymore and go back to the basics.
    • If you are ready to bring your healing journey to the next level.
    • If you ready to thrive on all levels.
    • If you are ready to be here now and enjoy life to the fullest.


    We will have weekly talks and I share exercises with you and I will be there on Whatsapp to guide you along te way.

    This can help you gain new perspectives on life and find the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.  


    Look forward to a message from you!

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    Become an Ankh healer with my online Ankh healing course


    € 1.111 for 6 weeks


    Embark on this transformative journey and become a vessel of healing and light through the ancient wisdom of the Ankh.


    For individuals who:

    • Feel a deep connection to the Ankh and its powerful energy.
    • Have a passion for giving healings or are already actively involved in healing practices.
    • who are eager to expand their service to the light and humanity.
    • are ready to bring their healing journey even deeper.

    This is an opportunity to learn how to give powerful transformational Ankh healings on yourself and others in just six weeks and also make an income from it.


    As an added bonus, when you enroll in the course, you will receive your very own Ankh that resonates with the energy of your birthdate.


    If you are interested in joining the next course in September/October 2024, please contact me.

    There are still 3 places available.


  • References of my healings and healing course

    References of my healings with the Ankh

    I can firstly say pure bliss was the ultimate feeling I felt immediately after the Ankh healing provided by Janneke
    During the healing I felt so much relief and release of old energies and old thought patterns.
    I gained valuable insights into past trauma and how it was stuck in my body.
    Janneke was so gentle and professional throughout, she holds space very well and is naturally gifted in the art of healing.
    I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone, it was life changing for me.
    Thank you so so much.
    Gav W.


    When I met Janneke the first time I was full of rage and fears, about myself, my future and life in general. I remembered that talking to her was already curing me. Having the chance to share with her is something miraculous. She is a divine creature who transmits peace, love and good vibes. You feel wellness only when looking at her eyes. After her healing treatment, I felt so relieved and relaxed, like a new me was born. I made various healings with her and it was always great. I understood myself better, I could look at things from a different perspective, difficult relationships got solved. If you carefully listen to her message, you will discover a new dimension which will bring you to a higher status of love, consciousness, compassion. I feel privileged to have the chance to know her and be treated by her.

    Delia P.


    Absolutely divine and phenomenal session with Janneke, the burping queen, releasing and bringing to light my trauma, pain and fears. The session gave me confirmation that I needed about aspects of my pain carrying from past ancestral lines and just how far back it went. She hold the space lovingly and reassuringly and does much work to bring all issues to light and to clear, release and let them go. I feel so much lighter, and more focused with regained strength and clarity to do my work. I will defenitely be back for more if stuff takes hold of me again. But Janneke sends you everything you need to break free form hell and take all the steps forward to continue to do great work on this earth. Or to just be. There is a reason for needing to have this alignment and cleaning and you will feel the benefit no doubt and I received support to guidance with links of things to do and other people to connect to. True gratitude resides here for you amazing star being 💛 thank you


    The following references were publicly posted on my Facebook (feel free to check those):

    This woman has helped me personally in so many ways. Removing some darkness, clearing and insights to unresolved childhood trauma, unblocking dormant energy, the list goes on. She knew things about me that I didn't even know. Her healing gifts are so powerful and magical. Thank you for everything you do. I am forever grateful for you.
    Jason G.

    To anyone who is reading this, and who is open to receive healing ...... I can tell you from experience that Janneke is truly gifted. The healing I received has been deeply profound.
    I am a Reiki Healer myself, and so I know about healing!
    Miss Hellbreaker is the real thing , and the most lovely person you could ever wish to meet
    I can not recommend her more highly.

    Tricia W.

    You are amazing Janneke! Highly recommend working with you. I felt transformed after our session.
    Tara J.

    I had a powerful Ankh healing with Janneke last year, clearing a major block + unconscious memory from childhood. She is a gifted healer and the most wonderful person bringing so much light into the world.
    Dee M.

    You are a healing master! I experienced your Ankh healing and it was a big shift.
    Antonio M.

    This beautiful soul helped me tremendously during my transition/shift these last 2 years and a half. All past life emotions that were creating blockages in my body/chakra's have been released. So grateful to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Doriana V.

    Totally recommend a healing session with the Ankh in the hands and heart of this angelic being. Amazing therapist. I always feel an energy alignment, more flow, more understanding, relaxation and more space to breath inside after a healing session.


    My friend Janneke Hellebrekers offers the most powerful Ankh healings!

    If you feel called to clear some energies in your body and energy fields and get more life-force moving through, contact her.

    It is truly life-changing!

    Madalena M.


    I come from a long-term relationship with 2 children and felt heavy and unwieldy because of everything that has happened. Did an Ankh healing with Janneke. She explained to me what the intention was and we got to work. When she started, I could already notice that energy channels were being released in my body. This in itself felt liberating. The first day after the healing, memories quickly surfaced, which I looked at and immediately passed on to the universe. The second day I suddenly felt so much lighter and I felt already better in my skin. The acceptance was there. The anger and sadness seemed like snow in the sun…it all disappeared. Now I am 4 days further, and I sleep better, I am no longer in my head so much and I can put things better into perspective. In short, my energy is higher, lighter and so much more positive. This can only get better in my opinion. Anyone interested in a healing with this sweetheart, I can recommend it, it will liberate your inner world and make it better! I'm glad I embraced it. Thank you so much for your kind intentions!!

    Lots of love Amii T.


    I would just like to say THANK YOU so very much for the healing today. It was absolutely fantastic and I am so impressed with the technique. The things that came up I resonated with 100% and it made so much sense to me on my healing journey. You are a very gifted healer and I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you again. See you soon.

    Andrea H.


    Reference of healing with the Healy

    I didn't know what to expect, especially because she worked with the Healy and it was completely unknown to me, but the results are really very special!! The next day I felt like a completely different person, lighter, as if many things had been resolved. I am used to working hard on the spiritual level, and being able to pinpoint exactly what things have changed, but I was not able to do that in this case. It was more as if a lot of things had simply disappeared across the board and I felt much lighter. Thank you Janneke.

    Peggy S.


    References of my Ankh healing course

    It’s really powerful, both receiving an ankh healing from Janneke and doing the course!

    I have had many healings with her and I always feel so much better and more clear and energized!

    It’s so life changing that I also did her Ankh Healing course and it was really really powerful!

    Janneke is the one I always go to for energy healings!

    Really recommend.

    Madalena M.


    Janneke Hellebrekers as the teacher you were professional and taught me everything I needed to give the session... grateful for your training and guidance!


    Sacha B.




    A Youtube video about my healings and healing course:


  • Contact me

    I give my healings and courses online with clients all over the world.


    You can contact me on Whatsapp, E-mail, the contact form below or book directly an Ankh healing here: https://calendly.com/misshellbreaker/healing.